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Location/Coverage Pages

webdesign-location-coverageWhat are they?

Location or Coverage Area landing pages are dedicated web pages that target your business locations or the coverage area of your services.

They include keyword rich phrases throughout the content linking your services with the location.

They are optimized for the search engines with various techniques including unique titles, META tags and alt tags.

The pages can also have links to relevant local resources or information, photos, video, location maps, weather, quick contact form etc.

What benefits do they provide?

Most internet users utilize geo-location in their search terms, especially when looking for services. Having specific location pages increases your chances of gaining new customers looking for your services in their location.

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adsense-location-coverageDo you use Google Adwords?

If you use Google Adwords to gain customers, these pages are ideal for setting up targeted Adword campaigns.

Front Page vs. Relevant Page

Target these pages through regular marketing techniques like email blasts, newsletters, social media posts, to direct customers to view your services, special offers, discounts or new products vs. sending them to the front page and hoping they can find the relevant page.

How much do they cost?

We will provide an estimate based on the number of pages required, the content of each page and any extra features you require e.g. video, online forms, maps etc

The final cost may change depending on additional modules/functions requested by you.

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