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EMCC Web Design Company History

EMCC Web Design was established in 1996 by Jim Reid & Elizabeth McClymont. Among our first websites was the original Harry Chapin Food Bank site (plus 4 pro bono redesigns) and the Lee County chapter of the American Red Cross.  This allowed us to learn our trade and build commercial websites - our first 'paying' work being Iguana Mia Mexican Restaurant. As you can see in our Portfolio we have kept most of our clients over the years which we put down to being hardworking, reasonably priced and keeping current with new technology and online advances.

Our focus is on providing our clients with a well designed website that reflects their company or brand while allowing them control over the content and administration of their site. We can offer them well-founded advice on promoting their web presence & building their business through traditional online marketing, SEO & utilizing the latest in social media promotion techniques.

We have learned a lot from our wide range of clients over the last 23 years, from foot fungus to bio fuels, and eco-housing. We also work with many start-up companies to help them get their ideas online and functioning as a business. We can provide valuable advice that many other companies are unable to do.